A Food Display Made From Wicker, Willow, Or Wire is an Effective Merchandising Solution

A food display can be described as anything from a fake food arrangement to a menu board listing food items available for purchase. A food display can be a bin that houses bulk food like bagels, or the actual dispenser of candy, cereal, or coffee beans. A food display can be a wicker basket or a wire floor stand to present baked goods in a country breakfast shop, or retail store. Food displays are functional and decorative display fixtures for all food service establishments, including bakeries, candy shoppes, coffee houses, restaurants, delis, banquet halls, buffets, country stores and more.

As far as what food display you should choose for your establishment, it is important to consider your desired environment. Are you searching for a food display to possess more of a contemporary design quality, or simply to match a country style decor? For a country store or bakery with a country styled motif, there are several beautiful food displays meant to hold and store bulk food items. These essential products are fabricated from wicker or natural willow in the forms of presentation trays or baskets; some even incorporate counter top or floor standing wire stands to hold the baskets. This article discusses wicker and willow basket options, as well as wire racks, in further detail.

Food displays, like decorative baskets, are suitable for a variety of locations, including retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, country stores, and even residential homes. Most of these baskets are fabricated from either natural willow, or polypropylene plastic. All of these baskets offer a durable yet decorative design, and serve as alternative solutions to presenting and storing food and other merchandising products.

  • Most wicker products are fabricated form natural willow fibers that provide strength, stability, and add a warm touch.
  • Polypropylene baskets are woven to closely resemble the willow wicker versions, but are the less expensive alternative.

All baskets, including wicker, willow, and polypropylene styles, are tightly woven to give your display a more sustainable and attractive design. These country style food displays are provided in several styles and sizes to select from. They each offer their own unique details, like a tray-like design or contain hinged handles. A trug-like display would look great in a bakery to present freshly-baked breads and bagels, while the 2-handled baskets are perfect for displaying all-natural jams and jellies, or other handmade and homemade products. Offered with braided edges for a more decorative and polished look, willow storage bins, wicker baskets and polypropylene food displays, are ideal merchandising items for a wide range of food service establishments. However, they are the perfect food displays for a country themed restaurant, shop, or store.
Willow baskets, together with wire racks, create a traditional and warm look. Wire racks are offered in either counter top or floor standing models. These wire stands are built to withstand years of use and busy environments.

  • Wire racks for table top or counter top use are a space-saving way to show your display items. For smaller stores and restaurants with limited space, counter top wicker baskets combined with wire racks are an ideal solution. Counter top racks are often seen in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants and other retail shops. Display condiments, packed foods, candies or toiletries in these counter top willow racks. These food displays are provided in numerous sizes, finishes, and colors for you to select from to match your existing decor. These natural looking displays also keep your displayed products organized.
  • Floor standing wire racks with wicker baskets, allow you to showcase your products neatly and attractively as well. Many of the wire racks come in 3 or 4 tiered designs. With wire floor racks, you are able to show several food displays on one stand. These wicker, willow and wire food displays, are built to optimize floor space and make room for more food products. Floor standing wire and wicker displays are commonly seen in restaurants, bakeries, retailers, and even in spas or homes.